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For a booming business, proximity to the business or commercial section of any city is important. However, buying or renting commercial space is a huge expenditure for almost any new company. If most of the set up funds or capital is exhausted in securing premises, then a business has almost no likelihood of proper growth.


Purchasing a permanent settlement is also not a good option. Commercial Space for rent and leasing a location that’s near a business hub in a city is the best choice for a small business; a lease agreement differs from a rental.

The easiest method for a small business would be to maintain retail space in the mall or commercial building. Now such spaces are pricey and unaffordable and businesses can do without spending an excessive amount of money on short and long term agreements. Leasing retail space for that perfect boutique or a mall experience for your brand and business is less complicated than a sale agreement.

Lease and start a business right away; you can continue or discontinue using the agreement according to your choice and liking afterwards. Right from building a house or developing infrastructure, commercial land plots are the answer. Try to find options in the housing market for Commercial land as this is the easiest method. These lands are available in the or online. You can contact a real estate agent or look up these constructions online to make an investment that is beneficial in the long run.

If you need Minneapolis commercial property call Eli at JGM for more info… 612-290-1037 (commercial): - FREE Conference and Wi-Fi - 2 Offices with Reception - close to St Paul

- FREE Conference and Wi-Fi - 2 Offices with Reception - close to St Paul

***Sign a long term lease and get up to 12 months FREE RENT!

This space is 523 sqft - it can be configured in one of two ways:

~ Large Open Space

OR - (see floor plans pictured below)

~ Reception area with two private offices

*** Check out a VIDEO TOUR -

~ Exercise Facility ~ Underground Parking ~ FREE Wi-Fi ~ Conference Rooms ~

* The above listed price is part of a limited time special offer *** CALL for full details * For more info call Eli at 612-290-1037 - or visit our website -

We have 6 Twin Cities Locations * OFFICE * WAREHOUSE * RETAIL *


Woodbury ~ Plymouth ~ Bloomington ~ New Hope ~ Brooklyn Center ~ Eden Prairie

If you need assistance locating space fill out our form at and we'll assist you in finding what you need. has office, retail, commercial, industrial, and warehouse space available for lease throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities Metro Area

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How to Find and Lease Commercial Office, Warehouse, or Retail Space in MN

Opening up a small business can be truly a fantastic venture for a lot of professionals. As there are an enormous number of different entrepreneurs throughout the world, having the ability to actually find and lease office space can be advantageous. There are a wide variety of different sites where you are able to find the perfect office space ranging from the web to a real estate agent. If you find that you are looking for office, warehouse, store front space in Minneapolis, making the most of this guide will help to make your endeavor much less difficult.




Tip #1: Utilize the Internet




The web is an incredibly diverse tool that provides individuals the opportunity to study an abundance of varying topics. Taking advantage of the web you will be able acquire the ideal office space in the Twin Cities (St Paul and Minneapolis) in a short amount of time. There are many webpages that provide compiled data bases of all of the office spaces in your immediate area and they also include a list of the various amenities supplied. With this information you will be able to pick out your favorite potential spaces and look at them with your own eyes.




Tip #2: Obtain a Agent/Broker




Real estate brokers are in fact valuable in regards to finding personal dwellings but nonetheless they can also be beneficial with looking for the perfect commercial real estate in Minnesota. With the assistance provided by a broker you most likely will receive a list of all of the available spaces within your area and you'll be able to make an appointment to view the space. The agent will not merely show you the space but they will also assist you in finding the best method to pay for the property. In essence a broker can be the most advantageous factor, most notably in finding warehouse or office space in Minneapolis and St Paul.




Tip #3: Find your Desired Neighborhood and Then Make a Visit




There are many store front, office, and industrial buildings within the Minneapolis metro area that can suit your potential venture, which is why taking a neighborhood stroll, can be advantageous. You are able to actually view a lot of the spaces without having to use the world-wide-web or seek the services of a broker. Taking into consideration the fact that you will want to ensure that the space fits all of your requirements (ex. electrical outlets, cubicles, meet building codes, etc.), checking out a space will enable you to ascertain whether it is an appropriate choice for you or not. Most new business owners implement this process as it presents them with a hands-on experience to help them select the perfect office, warehouse or retail space in Minnesota.




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Elias Russell is a leasing agent and partner with JGM Properties in Bloomington, MN.




JGM Properties has somewhere around 200 tenants from 200 square feet to 50,000 sq feet in eleven office facilities totaling over a million sq feet. Their buildings are currently in Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Eagan, Eden Prairie, New Hope, Plymouth, Woodbury and Waseca. Elias can be reached at 612-290-1037 or To read more check out:






How to Find Office or Warehouse Space for Rent in Minneapolis St Paul Area

A Guide to Finding the Best Deals on Office, Warehouse, Retail, or Commercial Real Estate for Lease or Rent in MN 




Many startups begin their business journey in the comfortable and affordable confines of home. Before they know it, they out grow home base and need to replant their growing operation in an office.




Startup business I encounter as a leasing agent often delayed getting office space longer than they should have. They think they are saving significant money being at home. They think office space is too costly for their operation. They are afraid of making any long-term commitments.






Flexibility Rewarded




The best advice I have if you are considering a move to commercial office space is to be flexible and look for landlords who are flexible as well. That's how you'll find great deals that meet your unique startup needs.




Most often, entrepreneurs need for flexibility dominates their concerns. When I talk to them, their biggest fears are that of survival and of managing their growth. They just don't want to get locked into a lease.




If they hit a bump in the road and have to quickly scale back expenses, they don't want to be stuck with lease payments going out three years.




Conversely, if they start to grow faster than expected, they don't want to be trapped in a too small space. For these reasons, their preference is for minimum lease terms of six months to one year, terms which most landlords shy away from.




Working with startups has taught us the value of thinking outside the box. When we started getting creative, new businesses got interested. We committed to meeting their needs when they were needy so that they would stay and grow with us.




Let me give you some examples of what I mean. Normally we would lease a 734 square foot office for about $1,000 a month. If a new entrepreneur is looking for the landlord to be flexible, it will help if the entrepreneur can be flexible in return.






Watch for Deals




I had one business than needed a deal. I had that 734 foot space sitting empty. So it was agreed that he'd pay $375 a month on a month-to-month basis while that space was actively being marketed. In return, the tenant agreed to move to another place in the building or to one of our nearby buildings if a lease-signing tenant was found. Of course, he got right-of-first-refusal, in case he wanted to stay put.




Listening to startups, we found a strong desire for low-cost solutions. So we developed a standard package that offered 200 square feet for only $300 a month. The building has a cafe, exercise room, free wi-fi, garage parking and a conference room. You get everything but the phones for $300.






Ask Questions




Never be shy about asking questions. Landlords who work with new businesses recognize that as a general rule, startups need more handholding. They should welcome your curiosity and desire to know how leasing works.




Prospective tenants often rely on me to handle the whole process and take the lead. They even look to us for advice about marketing their business. They are looking for a full-service package, not just a guy to show them space and get a signature.




A common question is about calculating the monthly rent. Simply take the cost per square foot and multiply it by the number of square feet, and then divide by 12. Example: $16 per square foot x 700 square feet = 11,200. Divide that by 12 to get $933 per month.




You should know the difference between gross and net rent. Net rent is just the base rent of the physical space you will occupy, plus your share of the common space, such as hallways, conference rooms, etc. that all tenants use.




Your monthly cost will include the base rent, plus utilities, property taxes and operating expenses. Always ask for the gross rent, which is the total cost, so you won't get any surprises otherwise an attractive $9 per square foot rent can quickly grow to $16. It's better to ask up front rather than find out after you've driven across town to see space you can't afford.




Terms, of course, drive the cost of rent. If you want to customize the space, get new carpet or paint, you need to make a commitment to the building. Month-to-month terms get you as is space.




If you do a one- to three-year lease, you can expect fresh paint and a standard selection of new carpet. Going with a three- to five-year lease gets a custom build out where walls get moved; custom paint and carpeting are part of the package.




With a longer-term lease, you get a lower monthly rate and you can lock in that rate. Shorter terms leases will bring higher rates are renewal time. As your business matures, plan on going to a longer-term lease as soon as you can.






Hidden Home Costs




It's comparison time. Home offices are easy to begin with. It is the low cost alternative. But it's certainly not free. There are hidden costs startups often don't consider, such as adding a phone line or upgrading Internet access.




Then there are the less obvious ones, such as the time, energy and cost of meeting people away from home. If you're like most startups, you just meet at a coffee shop. You need to factor in the costs ñ mileage, coffee for one or two, round-trip travel time, etc. ñ associated with the 10 to 15 trips you make each month. You could easily spend $100 a month on meetings that could be held at your office, if you had one.




Next, factor in the possibility of sending the wrong message to a prospective client who calls your business and the phone is answered by a 2-year-old. Or the dog is barking in the background while you try to work the deal. What is the cost of lost business because a client gets the wrong impression about your capabilities?










I think startups should be treated the same as a major tenant. Wherever you go when it's time to get office space, you should be treated with respect.




Some startups I talk to can't get calls returned if they're really small. Some brokers out there are focused on the big deals that will quickly fill up a building. I'd advise you to avoid those who seem to be avoiding you. There doesn't seem much room for a relationship to grow.




As a perk for our tenants we always have a number of tickets for the Twins, Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves. The tickets are available throughout the year, not just when a lease is up for renewal or if the tenant is a big fish.




If a leasing agent is slow to call you back or you think you're getting the run around, move on. In today's office market, no one should be treating you that way. As a startup, you should make yourself aware of some of the creative office space options such as the once I outlined above. Be flexible, find a place where you can incubate and work with a landlord that appreciates your potential.






Office Space Available in Eden Prairie near Edina MN - Commercial Property for Lease Minneapolis

JGM Properties ( ) has OFFICE space available EDEN PRAIRIE off of Carlson Drive, near 62 and 494.



SPACE LAYOUT -- just under 1,000 SQFT - The space consists of a large reception area and 3 private rooms.



There is also a conference room that is free to use.



For more details call Eli at 612-290-1037.



For more details about other vacant spaces at this building click here. . .



We have 6 Twin Cities Locations: >> OFFICE * WAREHOUSE * RETAIL <<



Woodbury ~ Plymouth ~ Bloomington ~ New Hope ~ Brooklyn Center ~ Eden Prairie


Office Warehouse space for rent in Plymouth near Golden Valley and Minneapolis MN

JGM Properties ( ) has a nicely configured Office and Warehouse space for lease in PLYMOUTH, located in the NW corner of 169 and 55; on Medicine Lake.



The space is around 7,900 SQFT which includes 1,800 SQFT of office space and 6,100 SQFT of warehouse space with 22 foot ceilings including one drive-in door.



For more details regarding other vacant space at this property click the following link to view a list of available spaces



To schedule a tour contact Eli - 612-290-1037.



**** Ask about our Unbeatable Rent Specials ****



We have 6 Twin Cities Locations: >> OFFICE * WAREHOUSE * RETAIL <<



Woodbury ~ Plymouth ~ Bloomington ~ New Hope ~ Brooklyn Center ~ Eden Prairie

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